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Here at East Mesa Karate we focus on teaching people and not just moves. At our school we primarily teach American Kenpo ever since we opened our doors in 2004. American Kenpo is a style of martial art created by Ed Parker, characterized by the use of quick moves in rapid-fire succession intended to overwhelm an opponent. It is a self-defense system, and is derived from traditional Japanese martial art and other martial arts such as Southern Chinese kung fu found in Hawaii. However, American Kenpo diverges from other Karate styles in that students are encouraged to change and adapt the techniques to fit whatever situation they may be presented with. American Kenpo emphasizes vital points to attack using blocks, strikes, and kicks. In the spirit of American Kenpo and the Late Grand Master Ed Parkers philosophy of making a move your own, East Mesa Karate began to integrate other Martial Arts into its curriculum to further expand the student's knowledge and enhance the experience that each student enjoys by learning other forms of Martial Arts including Kali, Combat Fitness, and Krav Maga. Here at East Mesa karate we are dedicated to teaching the art of self-defense, leadership, and developing self-confidence. 



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